Hwato SDZ-V 6 Channel Electronic Acupuncture Therapy apparatus.Nerve and muscle stimulator Massage.LCD TENS Physical Therapy

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Lumbago & backache
Nerver numbness
Muscle pain
Acupncture Therapy

Product description:
SDZ - V electronic is using electronic technology combined with traditional acupuncture meridian theory of nerve and muscle stimulator, for on the basis of the original upgrade products, with digital display various parameters, output set of controllable, keystrokes, etc.The instrument by the host, electrode, power adapter and output wires of four parts. SDZ-V electronic ZhenLiaoYi for the human body acupuncture point for low frequency electric pulse treatment.

Product features:
1, instead of artificial massage
2, the digital display various parameters
3, acupuncture cupping treatment
4, the output precisely controlled
5, all independent output
6, button easy operation

Product parameters :
Power: DC9V dry-cell batteries or power adapter (input AC220V to plus or minus 22 v / 110 v + 11 v, output DC9V)
2. The input power of 5.0 VA (including power adapter)
3. The maximum output power of 0.3 VA
4. 1-100 hz output frequency is adjustable
5. Working mode:
Cw: continuous
Dilatational wave: thin wave 5 s work, dense wave work 9 s, sparse wave and the wave frequency ratio of 1:5.
Discontinuous wave: work 9 s, 5 s
6. Pulse width 0.2 ms
7. The output pulse shape, asymmetric bidirectional pulse wave
8. Output current limit: 50 or less ma
9. The output dc component: 0
Way: 10. The output pulse output
11. Size 230 x 150 x 60 mm3
12. Weight 1kg

Product portfolio:
Machine * 1
Output wire * 6
Skin electrodes * 12 (50 * 50 mm)
Needle electrode (metal clip) * 12
Manual * 1 in both English and Chinese

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