INDIBA Weight Loss Tecartherapy Penetrates 12CM Under 448khz Tecar Machine the Skin Deep Health Care System RET CET Machine

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What is the 448k indiba?

There is a Spanish scientist "Mr josep calbet" to cancer patients invented 'cancer core technology ", its instrument for the deep parts of the cancer cells temperature 1-7 degrees, cancer cells about 35 degrees, it developed the fastest, but cancer cell temperature above 39 degrees, cancer cells can't replicate themselves, and its cells will die.

Spanish scientists believe that the core technology of the instrument can also be applied to beauty. Improving body temperature is not only beauty, but also improves temperature in the deep parts of the body, and body temperature is very closely related to your health.Your body temperature by 1 degree increases your body's immunity by 5-10 times.

The 448k thermocontroller can safely deliver energy to the deep parts of the body through the high weekly wave of 448KHZ, improving the internal temperature and immunity of the body.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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