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Why can humidification remove static electricity?

Humidification is employed to mitigate the impact of static electricity in various industrial settings, particularly in electronic workshops where the presence of static electricity poses a significant risk to equipment and product quality. The accumulation of static electricity in these environments can lead to equipment failures, dust attraction, and adverse effects on electronic components.

The process of humidification and static electricity reduction in electronic workshops involves two key strategies. Firstly, enhancing the air humidity within the workshop is crucial. Maintaining a humidity level above 40% RH is generally effective in preventing the reappearance of static electricity. Industrial humidifiers are therefore employed to control humidity within the optimal range of 40-60% RH. This not only addresses the static electricity issue but also positively influences product quality.

Secondly, the introduction of fine water mist particles plays a pivotal role in static electricity neutralization. These small water droplets, rich in negative oxygen ions, effectively counteract positive charges associated with static electricity. The combination of controlled humidity levels and the dispersion of water mist particles ensures a comprehensive approach to static electricity elimination in the workshop.

In summary, the utilization of industrial humidifiers to regulate humidity and disperse water mist particles creates an environment where static electricity is significantly reduced or eliminated. This dual approach not only safeguards equipment and product quality in electronic workshops but also contributes to an overall improvement in the working environment.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Stainless Steel Casing: Sturdy and durable design ensures long-term usage.

  2. Easy Mobility: Equipped with four universal wheels for convenient and flexible movement.

  3. Intelligent Timer Settings: Adjustable work and pause times to meet diverse operational needs.

  4. Multiple Protection Functions: Includes overheat protection and overload protection for enhanced safety and reliability.

  5. Automatic Water Level Control: Built-in ball valve automatically regulates the water level, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

  6. Direct Connection to Water Supply: Easily connects to the mains water supply, reducing the need for frequent manual refills.

  7. Adjustable Mist Output: Allows on-the-fly adjustments to mist output, catering to different environmental requirements.

  8. Integrated Power Adapter: Built-in power adapter for direct usage, streamlining the installation process.

10kg/h Parameters:
Working voltage: 110V or 220V 50-60Hz
Mist output: 10kg/hour
Use Area: 50-80M2
Mist outlet size: default 75mm, can be customized 110mm

15kg/h Parameters:
Working voltage: 110V or 220V 50-60Hz
Mist output: 15kg/hour
Use Area: 80-120M2
Mist outlet size: default 75mm, can be customized 110mm


Applicable Areas:

  1. Supermarket Vegetable Displays: Ensures optimal humidity for maintaining the freshness of vegetables on supermarket shelves.

  2. Textile Workshops: Ideal for textile workshops, where controlled humidity contributes to the quality of textile production.

  3. Anti-Static Environment in Workshops: Provides humidity control in workshops to prevent static interference, crucial for sensitive electronic components.

  4. Sports Training Arenas: Maintains a consistent humidity level in sports training arenas, benefiting equipment and athlete performance.

  5. Garden Landscapes: Perfect for garden landscapes, ensuring plants receive the right humidity for healthy growth and vibrant aesthetics.

  6. Indoor Landscapes: Enhances indoor plant health and overall indoor landscaping by regulating humidity levels.

  7. Plant Cultivation: Supports the cultivation of plants by providing the necessary humidity levels for optimal growth.

  8. Automotive Film Application: Controls humidity in environments where automotive films are applied, ensuring better adhesion and appearance.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

It does not contain white spray pipes, because each person's needs are different, so they need to prepare themselves.



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