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Product Description

HEALTH Insulin Cooler Box is designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to keep medicines (such as insulin or other medicines that are injected,) at a safe temperature during:

Trave:Travel often exposes medicines to extreme temperatures: Luggage compartments, Hotel rooms (when guests are out of the rooms, climate control is often turned off),Taxis, Airlines, and other forms of transportation.

Work and Home:Many work environments reach extreme temperatures; even climate controlled areas can be shut off at the end of the business day. Most people prefer privacy for their insulin storage, rather than placing it in a shared refrigerator. Similarly, there may be temperature and privacy issues at home.

Vehicles and Outdoors:Vehicle temperatures can exceed 100F within minutes when the a/c is turned off. Refrigerated medicine storage is needed for Autos, Trucks, Boats,RV's, and Motorcycles, as well as outdoor activities



Fast charging: In cooling, it takes only six hours to fully charge.
Fast refrigeration: 2-8degC, (ambient temperature less than 30degC)
Large-capacity battery: 8000mAh, long standby. Replaceable battery design.
Alarm Reminder: High temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, low battery.
Charging: USB charging, mobile phone charger, car cigarette lighter, power adapter, power bank.
Product applications: family, cars, long-distance truck or bus. Traveling is no longer a problem.
Refrigerated drugs: insulin, interferons, growth hormones, vaccines, eye drops and so on.


Portable and fashionable

Support DC12V DC, AC110V~240V, 3.7V battery, Battery ensure more than 10 hours working while no vehicle power or household power.

Large LCD display, show the time and refrigeration temp clearly, interchangeable between 'C and 'F

Antifreeze function,

Environment friendly: Using thermoelectric refrigeration

Insulin preservation knowledge: 2 deg ~ 8 deg in the refrigerator can maintain the same activity 2 to 3 years. It is stored at 15 deg C to 25 deg C for 6 weeks.


1.Refrigeration Space(L*W*H) 170mm*46mm*24mm

2.Dimensions(L*W*H) 187mm*80mm*68mm

3.Refrigeration Temperature 2-8degC(Under ambient 30degC)

4.Input/output Voltage(Charger) AC100V-240V/DC 5.0V/DC12V

5.Output Current(Charger) 2A

6.Voltage(Lithium Battery) DC3.7V

7.Capacity(Lithium Battery) Internal 8000mAH

8.Power Rating 5W/DC5.0V;3W/DC3.7V


What in Package:

1. 1 x Mini Insulin Cooler Refrigerated Box

2. 1 x 8000mAh Battery

3. 1 x Bag

4. 1 x Car charger

5. 1 x USB Charger (US EU UK AU Plug)

6. 1 x USB Charging cable


It can hold 1 insulin pen and 6-8 insulin drugs.





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