Electric Enema Machine Home Colon Cleansing Kit for Constipation

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The enema kits currently on the market are not automatic. The enema bag or enema bucket needs to be hung at a high place to inject liquid into the colon or large intestine through gravity. But if there is no hook in the home, you will not be able to use it. If you install the hook, it will destroy the wall or the decoration style. So we designed an electric enema machine, it does not need to be hung up high, and it can adjust the liquid flow rate.

Small and exquisite Easy to be stored up, ideal for home and travel.
Scale indication for water volume Clearly know the exact volume of water being injected into the colon.
Automatic pressure control Adopt air pressure principle; enable a smooth and safe irrigation (Pressure around 50kpa)
Self control roller clamp Flow controlled by individual demand.
One-off transfusion set, clean and sanitary.
One button control, easy and convenient,Only need to press ON/OFF button to start or stop water irrigation.
Status indication Different light color will be shown for different status
Low cost for use Only little cost for one-off transfusion pipe.
AA battery powered

Enema benefits
One of the main reasons for enema treatment is to relieve constipation. Generally, doctors recommend other treatments, such as stool softeners or suppositories, first. But for very hard or dry stool that doesn't pass with other approaches, enemas are beneficial. Frequent use of laxative enemas can cause problems, such as dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. So, talk with your doctor about using an enema for constipation.

There are several types of laxative enemas to treat constipation including:
Bisacodyl and docusate
Mineral oil and glycerin
Sodium phosphates

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