ion moisturizing whitening skin remove facial freckle mole iontophoresis machine for face cleaning

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Product functions:

Iontophoresis is a water-soluble nutrients more effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of skin, directly supply nutrition to skin, pigments and pigment deposition portion can be effectively decomposed, can deep broken fat and firming the skin, and quickly eliminate facial excess fat; at the same time ionized the smeared whitening wrinkle Serum on the skin, then penetrate the active ingredients deep into the skin quickly, so that the skin full absorption.

1.Pigment decomposition

The import and export instrument is Jia Fani static flow meter apply to the parts of the pigmentation to pigment decomposition, in the circulation process, so that the decomposition of melanin through the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels into the kidneys, excreted as urine, which is the decompose pigmen and fade dark spots principles of the polymer whitening apparatus.

2.Nutrition Import

When import Export instrument acts on facial skin, Jia Fani static flow and far red light function have an effect at the same time, not only to strengthen the resonance of skin cell molecules, promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also ionization the product, enhance the interface activity and product penetration, ,thus the skin cells to skin care products ingredients absorption rate over 85%, the effect is 5-6 times of the effect of daily care products.

3.Export impurity

Import alkaline solution to soften the skin surface of aging skin, decomposition the skin surface fat, balance the skin secretion, export acrobatics and skin deep dirt, increase skin permeability.
Working principle:
Jia Fani working principle is based on the same-sex repulsion, opposites attract theory, ion do directional movement, cations from the anode to the cathode, anions from the cathode to the anode, the use of ion mutual repulsion of the same sex, nutrition import to the depths of the skin, showing silky feel. In this effect, essence and drug solution penetrate the skin, may enhance the skin absorption, to achieve the purpose of skin care and treatment.
Product effects:
1. Export impurities
Make transparent skin
Impurities export, export folder wrap a wet piece of cotton, dirt adsorbed on the cotton sheet.
Ions export impurity
Derived blackheads
Prevent acne
2. Double Whiting & moisturizing
Stainless steel iontophoresis roller
Introducing water-soluble essence
Introducing nutrition strong water replenishment
Promote deep absorption of the essence
Fibrous tissue repair and restore skin elasticity
3. One machine double using
Export impurities
make skin permeability
Nutrition import
double Whiting & moisturizing


Operation instructions:

Impurity export:
1. Clean the face.
2. Intall the ball on the host.
3. Turn the switch, the display light will blink intermittently.
4. Acrobatics required export liquid rubbed on the skin, press the export function key, with the packaged wet cotton sheet apply to the skin, the impurities within the skin will be ionization and then be exported.
5. Select import and export functions, hands holding on the both sides of the conductive metal strip.
Nutritional import:
1. Import rollers connected to the host.
2. Turn on the switch, indicator will blink intermittently
3. The required nutrient solution, Essence rub on the skin, press the import function key, use the wheel to act on the skin, so that the nutrients fully absorbed by the skin .
4. Hold the sides of the conductive metal strips.
Warm Tips:
1. When using, if found dirt on the instrument, please wipe clean with a wet cottom sheet.
2. Please do not stay fixed somewhere on the skin.
3. Do not use on the around of mucous, eyes, ears and so on, also throat and other parts.
4. Recommended to use 2-3 per week, do not use multiple times a day.
5.Current regulator must be adjusted to the lowest key before contact the gest's skin, according to the gest's requirements raised.
6. when using the export function, the folder ball must be wrapped a towel.
7.There is a slight current sensing on the skin when Import and export, about 15 minutes are recommended.









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