Jade Tourmaline Electric Heating Warm Uterus Lumbar Magnetic Therapy Belt

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Features of heating stone Mattress
1) Factory direct supply
2) 100% pre-tested
3) 1:1 replacement
4) Quick delivery
5) Perfect after sale
Jade Introduction
Jade is rich in trace elements. It can release healthy far infrared, shield static and electromagnetic wave radialization.The jade also produces negative ions which encourage the cells metabolism.
Jade people under special medical care and has a low temperature value of the physical characteristics of Chinese medicine and advocated by the first foot cooler temperaturetheory, developed by health jade pillow.
For centuries, Chinese people have used jade as a pillow. Earliest jade pillows were carved blocks of jade with an indentation for the head. Now you can enjoy the health and beauty benefits of sleeping on jade with the convenience of a jade pillow cover.
Healthy benefits of jade stone mattress:
1) Release far infrared, shield static and electromagnetic wave radialization
2) Relax your brain, Natural healthy jade pillow make memove the brain fatigue,regulate the nervous system function
3) Improve blood circulation, Natural healthy jade pillow can fully improve the oxygen supply the brain and head.neck,shoulder micro-circulation remove .metabolic waste of brain cells.
4) Help your sleep, supply to the brain.calm the nerves, improve sleep quality.

Working voltage: 220V
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

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