Dental X Ray Dental Imaging System Intraoral Digital X-ray Sensor Size Image Sensor for Veterinary Clinics Dental Clinic

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Product Features:

1. With a weight of only 2.15kg, it is lightweight and easy to handle for shooting.

2. Low radiation, with multiple protections of lead and aluminum, the radiation of one shot is approximately equivalent to eating one banana. The radiation value is 0.23mGy/h when loaded.

3. Large capacity lithium battery, 950mAh ultra high capacity battery that is replaceable.

4. The high voltage generator adopts a 0.4mm focal spot, capturing clear and stable images for continuous use.

5. Multi-functional settings, shooting different teeth, fine tuning the shooting time to achieve personalized and precise control.

6. Equipped with 2 sizes of collimators to meet the needs of various usage scenarios.



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