JXL-04 Natural Gas Booster Pump Biogas Copper Nozzle 25KPA 40L/min Restaurant Pipeline Gas Booster 20W

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Product Parameter

Product model:JXL-20
Power :20W
Outer diameter of nozzle :10MM
Maximum pressure:25KPA
Maximum flow:40L/min

Installation instructions

The use of this product must be strictly sealed, and all safety issues are the responsibility of the user.

1. The ABS material of the product is not resistant to corrosion of oil and salt.
If contact with oil and salt cannot be avoided, a fresh-keeping bag or film can be put on both ends of the machine.

2. The booster pump should be installed as flat as possible.
Folding a thick towel can effectively reduce vibration and noise, so it will not wear the machine.
The position of the pump installation is more than 1 meter away from the fire source, and the two ends of the pump are selected to be made of softer pipes (only two-thirds of the purchased plastic gas nozzle connection pipe needs to be inserted, and the pipe clamp is not easy to tighten too tightly).

3,The pump installation position is more than 1 meter away from the fire source, Continuous use time recommended not more than 3 hours, pay attention to ventilation!

4, Booster pump can only be used in pipeline gas, natural gas and biogas.
5 , This product is not an automatic type. Turn on the switch and the air pump works. Turn off the switch and the air pump stops working

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