Laboratory Centrifuge TD4C Low Speed 4000rpm 2150xg Brushless Motor 5ml 7ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 50ml Plasma Serum PRP PRF Separate

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Laboratory Centrifuge Low Speed 4000rpm 2150xg Brushless Motor 5ml 7ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 50ml Plasma Serum PRP PRF Separate Tool

TD4C Centrifuge Product Description:
TD4C centrifuge has the advantages of brushless motor, low temperature rise, low noise, easy operation, safe and reliable, and wide applicability. The TD4C centrifuge is widely used in the laboratories of enterprises and institutions such as scientific research, universities, agriculture, petrochemicals, biochemistry, health and epidemic prevention, biological products, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, etc. Liquid and particles with different densities are subjected to centrifugal precipitation and separation preparation.

Technical parameters of TD4C centrifuge:

1. Model: TD4C
2. Maximum speed: 4000r / min
3. Centrifugal force: 2150xg
4. Power: 100W
5. Capacity: 8*10ml/15ML,8*5ml/7ml,8*20ml,12*15ml,6*20ml,4*50ml.
6. Timing: 0-99min
7. Brushless motor, with electric lock

Safety instructions for TD4C centrifuge:

1. If you find that the power indicator is not on when you turn on the machine, you should stop the machine and check it immediately.
2. It is strictly forbidden to run without load without the rotor installed. The turntable should avoid corrosion caused by strong acid or alkali. It is strictly forbidden for all liquids or other debris to enter the centrifuge working room, otherwise it will damage the host.
3. Check the rotor for corrosion damage before operation.
4. Do not open the centrifuge cover when the rotor is running, and do not touch the rotor that is running.
5. It is strictly forbidden to turn the head to run under unbalanced loading conditions.

TD4C Centrifuge Instructions for use:

1. The workbench of the centrifuge should be flat and firm, the workroom should be neat and clean, dry and well ventilated.
2. Open the centrifugal cap, and place the test tubes with the same weight.
3. Close the centrifuge cover.
4. Turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on.
5. Set the timing time, or normally open.
6. Set the speed at the required speed.
7. Before every shutdown, it must be reset to zero regularly; then turn off the power switch and pull the plug out of the socket.
8. Open the centrifuge cover, take out the sample, wipe the inner cavity and the rotor clean, and close the centrifuge cover.

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