Li Chun Huang MH-1 Auricular Point Diagnosis Instrument Acupoint Detector Ear Acupuncture Points Detector Detection Auriculotherapy

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This ear acupoint diagnosis and treatment machine is designed for the diagnosis and diagnosis of ear acupuncture points. The patient holds the probe. The operator holds another probe to detect the auricle. The signal strength of the ear is detected and the loudness is different. Can be used to analyze the condition of the patient. The ear clip can be used for operation and can control the frequency and strength.

All ear medicine practitioners should have equipment.


The pinna is the most concentrated place for human body information, and the ear profile is based on functions that reflect all the body's information. When the tissues and organs of the body become ill, the impedance of the corresponding part of the auricle is reduced, including a decrease in electrical impedance. In normal times, the auricle skin resistance value is approximately 100 to 5,000 kilo-ohms. When the organs and tissues of the human body become ill, the ear-point resistance value associated with the disease site is significantly reduced by about 10 to 15 times, and the resistance range is approximately 20 to 500 kilo-ohms. The disease-related acupuncture points (low resistance points) showed a significant difference from the normal ear.

Auricular point detector diagnostic principle: It is through the ear to communicate through the nerves, body fluids, meridians and other information to reflect all the body's information, including the body's health, lesions, abnormal resistance information into sound patterns show up, to diagnose disease.


About using:

First of all, there must be auricular theory and diagnostic basis. If you do not understand the auricle at all and want to count on this to judge the diagnosis, then you can't hear it on your hand. Please do not buy it.

Professionals and ear acupuncture enthusiasts are welcome to use.

If you are a novice, please buy some Professor Huang's book or other ear book.

Specifically, to achieve 100% utilization, please attend Prof. Huang's class for electronic diagnostics and participate in the full cycle class.

This product is mainly used for auricular points, not for body points.


About accuracy:
This is an electronic aided diagnostic tool and cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. This is related to the operator's theoretical level, practical level, and accumulated experience.


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