Lominie 70W Asta 120 Aquarium Light 4 Channels Dimmable Light, Full Spectrum Clamp light with Gooseneck Freshwater

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About this item

  • 【One-Touch Operation】Aquarium lights for fish tank can be adjusted from 0-100% brightness using the dimmer controller. By using different effects, you can create a spectacular atmosphere that really showcases the fish, perfect for both freshwater and planted aquariums.

  • 【Advanced Thermal Management】An integrated cooling module consisting of 52 fins and 144 cooling columns keeps your aquarium light cool for a long time. The low noise design of the PWM silent fan ensures a longer lifespan of the Aquarium fish light, reducing the cost by 50% compared to other old LED aquarium lights!

  • 【Full Spectrum Aquarium Light】The full spectrum multi-color temperature application technology developed by Lominie,Truly simulate natural light augment the most flexible and balanced spectra available in aquarium lighting.

  • 【Super Bright COB Bulb】Asta 120 aquarium light uses 42 high-power LEDs, combined with 90-degree condenser lens, powerful penetrating power to provide evenly distributed lighting for your freshwater nano tank, up to 92 (CRI) color rendering index Keep your moss, seagrass and fish healthy and thriving.

  • 【Fits Almost Any Tank】 Clamp Aquarium Light are easy to install, you just need to tighten the screws, the 360° gooseneck adjusts to any angle and position, and can clip anywhere on the tank wall, the clip is 1.1in wide ( 2.7 cm).


High Display Index

The moss organisms in the water have a very high demand for light. The light display index of the Asta 120 fish tank lamp is as high as 92%. The moss in the aquarium can stably perform photosynthesis under strong light irradiation, allowing it to release more oxygen. Increasing the oxygen concentration in the water is also good for the growth of fish.


Ultra-High Lumen

The maximum power of a single COB lamp bead of Asta 120 aquarium lamp is as high as 3W, and the lumen value under full power is as high as 4325lm, and most aquatic plants have a very large demand for light. Trust me, the intense light of the Asta 120 Freshwater Lamp will give your aquatic plants a wild growth environment.


True Full Spectrum

Full spectrum: that is, the composition of ultraviolet + infrared + visible light. Ordinary aquarium lights: only visible light. Lominie only produces aquarium lights with full spectrum. Under the irradiation of Asat120, each wavelength can be absorbed by different freshwater organisms, which is enough to replace sunlight and form a small ecosystem.


The Perfect Aquarium Light

The Asat120 clip-on aquarium light fits almost any tank, with a 1.1" (2.7cm) wide clip and a 360° adjustable gooseneck, because of these two advantages it can be clipped anywhere on the tank wall. Whether it is a 92% display index or 4325 lumens, it undoubtedly makes it more suitable for tropical fish tanks, plant fish tanks, refuge growth, and shrimp tanks.

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