Marine Sources Aquarium Waterbox Siphon Overflow Box SOB-1 SOB-2

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Marine Sources Siphon Overflow Box hangs over the outside of the aquarium. Water circulation is achieved by pumping the water from the sump into the aquarium, and then via the overflow box back into the sump. This makes it possible to connect aquaria to under the tank filter systems without having to drill holes in the aquarium. The overflow box is manufactured from high quality acrylic and is available in two capacities:

SOB-1  for up to 2,500 l/h (c. 625 gph)  (L/W/H):18.7*19.7*26CM

SOB-2  for up to 5,000 l/h (c. 1,250 gph) L/W/H):23.7*19.7*26CM


1. Removable safeguard comb- can protect the fish from entering the overflow box. The safeguard comb is removable; it is very easy to make a cleaning

2. The back chamber lid -can reduce the noise greatly.

3. Dual air-draining tubes design- can be connected to the Marine sources skimmer dual air silencer dual nipple. The air can be sucked out faster and safer

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