Medical Glass Vacuum Cupping Device 8 Cans Vacuum Suction Gun 6cm 5cm 4cm 3.5cm

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Material: glass
Size: Contains 6cm 5cm 4cm 3.5cm glass cupping 8 only installed
Disinfection: alcohol wipe disinfection
Valve: The new valve design with special plastic with silicone, air tightness than the market are good cupping!

1. Appropriate appearance, the outer box for the cortex manufacturing;
2. The tank is glass, not allergic;
3. The use of new valve, with a stronger suction, tank design to achieve painless cupping effect;
4, cupping air gun with aluminum design, more durable;
A new generation of glass vacuum cupping was born, a major problem to solve, do not need fire, pure glass production, safe and secure without stimulation.
The canister follows the traditional neck design of the glass jar, the mouth is small, the middle is large, the suction force is big, it is not easy to fall off. Can be firmly in the joints at the adsorption, do not fall.
Innovative in the tank to install utility model patent valve, do not need fire, direct vacuum can achieve the effect; valve made of silicone, long service life.

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