Neck collar correction repair neck cervical traction apparatus moxibustion heat of cervical spine massager

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Can be lifted and adjusted to fix hot traction
Traction increased by 60%
For cervical lordosis, straightening, anti-bow, cervical canal hyperplasia, stenosis pain and other traction correction.
Hot compresses can promote blood circulation, help the water and inflammation of the cervical spine, nerve roots, joint capsules, muscles and other tissues subside, and prevent a variety of middle-aged and elderly diseases.
Humanized locking neck design
Fixed snaps
Ergonomic design
Small size, light weight, large traction, long traction stroke, conform to human physiological curvature when inflated, protect the sensitive area before the neck from pressure, adjust traction and fixation.

Voltage: 5V
Material: ABS
Weight: 370 g
Color: image color

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