Neck Support Orthosis Adjustable Cervical Collar Device Fixed Traction Braces Vertebra Rehabilitation Head

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Model Name: Neck Fixed Traction
-Post-operative cervical fractures
-Halo removal
-Anterior cervical fusion
-Dens type I cervical fracture of C2
-Anterior discectomy
-Suspected cervical trauma in unconscious patients
-Tear-drop fracture of the vertebral body (Note: Some tear-drop fractures require anterior decompression and fusion.)
-Cervical strain

-Kinesthetic reminder to limit neck movement
-Restrict neck flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotation

-Made of Polypropylene PP material, composite breathable fabric
-An anterior hole for a tracheostomy is available
-High density composite breathable fabric with Velc-type closure provides maximum support
-Restricts movement of head to immobilize the cervical spine
-Oversized trachea opening for emergency tracheotomies or carotid pulse monitoring
-Molded design provides maximum support and patient comfort
-Quick, easy application
-Two-piece design allows the collar to be stored flat
Size: Universal (Adjustable)
Suitable for Adults (male or female)

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