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Working voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz
Power plug type: We will send the corresponding plug according to your country.

The Co2 gas and the serum of the frozen gun are used up at one time.
One use time is about 4 minutes to complete
After each use, it is necessary to pour water into the original liquid bottle and clean the ice gun to prevent the product from being blocked by crystallization in the instrument for a long time, and the product cannot be sprayed.
This frozen gun is used with the Co2 gas and serum.
There are 2 kinds of serum,anti-aging serum and whitening serum.
Anti- aging serum can moisturize,lift the skin and reduce wrinkles,make skin younger.
Whitening serum can make skin looks healthier,whiter and more delicate.

Function :
The CO2 Gun treatment generates a double effect:
1, Immediate effect (lifting): Smooth the skin, enhance luminosity, re-balance skin tone, eliminate superficial wrinkles and reduce deep wrinkles.
2, Lasting effect (rejuvenating): collagen stimulation, elastic, dermis regeneration, improve skin texture and quality.

What effects on Face?
Collagen inducing – The high pressure applied to the epidermis causes deep penetration of the anti-ageing hyaluronic product. The thermal shock of warmth to cold stimulates underlying tissues in the skin.
Lasting effects – This skin rejuvenation treatment causes the dermis to regenerate, improves skin texture and quality and is intense collagen stimulation.




Through the CO2 high pressure, low temperature, continuous pulse technology, the human skin temperature is usually 36 degrees Celsius at the pressure of 220 m/s and 6.5 Pa.
Sudden cooling causes the dermis to react, activate blood microcirculation, and make skin pores open,
so that the atomized highly concentrated nutrient molecules are flushed into the subcutaneous 1-2MM,
So as to effectively act on the skin mechanism and achieve our skin care purpose.







Packing list
1 X Frozen skin Gun
1 X Power adapter
2 X Co2 bottle
1 X Anti-aging
1 X Whitening

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