Mini Moxibustion Apparatus Fumigation Portable Rechargeable Heating Massage Smokeless Acupoint Pain Moxibustion Device Moxa

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Gross weight/net weight: 390g/175g
Product size: 12*11.5*4cm

USB magnetic charging for three days at a time.
Wireless seeker + magnetic charging box design.
Easy storage without taking up space.
One-key charging of positive and negative metal pads, convenient and fast.

1. Open the box and take out the instrument, take out the moxibustion patch, data cable and massager inside
2. Tear off the film of the moxibustion patch and stick it on the arm or other parts, and then put the instrument on the moxibustion patch.
3. Press the switch in the middle of the instrument to automatically adjust
4. 20 minutes smart timer, you can take it off

1. After moxibustion, you can drink brown sugar water or warm water, do not drink cold beverages such as chrysanthemum tea, otherwise it will affect the efficacy of moxibustion.
2. After moxibustion, a moxibustion bubble occurs and then a needle is used to puncture the blister. You can use a plum needle or a needle for sewing clothes at home, but it must be disinfected before use; Pay attention to hygiene. Moxibustion sores will appear later, and moxibustion sores will have a better effect. During the moxibustion soreness, warm moxibustion should be adhered to to allow the moxibustion effect to continue, otherwise there will be relapses.
3. When using, it must be in a ventilated place, and the tools must be checked after use, and the moxa must be extinguished.
Article, do not pour moxa ash at will to prevent fire and accidents.

1. Manual measurement tolerance is 2-5g. Please don't mind your substitutes.
2. Due to different monitors, the picture may not match the actual color of the product. Thank you so much!
3. SKU color is product color

Package Included:
1 * Moxibustion Device
3 * Guide head
20 * Moxibustion Patch
1 * Data cable
1 * Instruction


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