Multifunctional Eyelid Lift Wrinkle Skin Lifting Tightening Plamere Plasma Pen for SPA Salon CE

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RF principle of action

The RF wave penetrates into the dermis through the epidermis,heating the dermal collagen fibers to 40-65°, which causes the collagen fibers to shrink and tighten, and stimulates the regeneration of collagen fibers, which gradually restores skin elasticity;RF energy can heat the skin tissue around the eyes from inside to outside, which can promote blood circulation around the eyes, activate cells to effectively sink excretin precipitation, thus relieving eye fatigue, eliminating eye edema, diluting dark circles, improving eye bags, enhancing the elasticity of collagen fibers of orbicularis oculi muscle, and lifting wrinkles in the eyes.

Imported principle

RF has a strong deep imported function ,with essence or skin care products, to ensure that the essence of the introduction rate is more than 95%, so that the absorption rate of skin care products is increased by more than 10 times;Doing RF deep imported nursing,under the effect of both, stimulate the skin’s regeneration of deep collagen and reconstruction of soft tissue , and then the skin can be regenerated to achieve skin beauty with anti-aging effect.Machine Functions->>>1.Moisturizing management
Adjusts the oil-water balance of dry skin or mixed skin, and promotes the metabolism of far-infrared rays to activate skin cells.
2.Regeneration management
Exfoliate with a general regenerative management system to provide moisturizing and maintain skin balance.
3.Wrinkle management
The lifting system removes sebum and keratin and improves wrinkles to make the loose skin elastic.
4.Whitening management
The ionized vitamin C stock solution is deeply introduced into the skin, and the tyrosinase enzyme which activates melanin which causes brown spots is removed and discharged by the induced voltage, and the melanin aged product is decomposed.
5.Acne management
Acne treatment caused by excessive secretion of oil can also be sterilized and treated.

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