Neck spine stretcher, 3rd generation, Lumbar stretch, back relieve unit appliance, humpback massage cushion cervical lumbar pad

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relieve back fatigue;
to relieve pressure on the cervical spine
improve sleep;
straighten the spine correction
solve back pain;
to prevent humpback
Spine slow frame by the physical therapist simulated human body structure design. Can straighten spine, muscles stretch near the spine, promote the blood circulation, relieve the pressure of the spine. Used to lie on your back, can extend bones and muscles, is beneficial to the body's blood circulation, remove the lazy habits, reduce the fatigue of a day, also can improve the quality of sleep. In the armchairs, it can reduce the pressure on ganglion, reduce caused by excessive force, posture for a long time the waist sour backache and indigestion, and can make the spine nearby muscles stretching. Small portable, bedroom, office, all can use.
Divided into cervical, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum, such as a few parts, because of long work hours and posture is not correct, the compression of spinal software, cause the muscles and ligaments taut, causing nervousness, back pain, insomnia and other symptoms.
This product is the simulation of the human body vertebra camber and design the spine slow instrument, can have straight near the spinal cord and spinal muscles soothing effect, can effectively relieve back pain, waist pain, cervical pain, insomnia, bad urban disease.
Near the spine muscles stretching. Solve the back pain, low back pain, neck pain, insomnia, fatigue and nervous and digestive don't wave city disease.
1, work in the office chair back of a chair, can reduce the ganglion pressure, regulate around before and after spinal position, activity and ligaments and spine relieve back pain and cervical spine;
2, at home watching TV or reading a newspaper when resting, spine can be slow and back in the sofa, can relieve stress and fatigue daily;
3, often insomnia gadites, lie in spine slow before bed frame, body parts, a day can help to reduce fatigue, to achieve the best in sleep

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