New Design Hair Loss Treatment Electric Scalp Applicator Comb EMS Laser Vibration Massage Hair Regrowth Comb With Liquid Guide

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New Design Electric Scalp Applicator Comb, Cordless Scalp Hair Hair Oil Massager, Portable Handheld Vibrating Massage Comb for Relax Head Muscles ,Suitable for Daily Hair Care for People with Hair Loss



♥Product Name: Laser Hair Growth Comb with Liquid Guide
♥Material: ASA+ABS+PC+Silicone
♥Output Voltage: DC5V/1A
♥Battery Capacity: 600mAh
♥Charging Method: Magnetic USB Charging
♥Power: 0.75W
♥Working Current: ≤180mA
♥Technology: EMS, Red LED Light, Vibration
♥Vibration Frequency: 13000RPM
♥Speed: Three-speed Adjustment
♥Function: Hair Loss Treatment
♥Keywords: Infrared Hair Brush Massager
♥Tank Capacity: 10ml
♥Size: 85*43.8mm
♥Product Weight: 141.6g


❤【Daily Hair Care】Upgraded Version Electric Scalp Massage Comb, can be washed and soak all overElectric Scalp Massage Comb fits perfectly on the scalp, simulates the feel, fully massages the head, healthy scalp, combs the hair follicles and protects the hairline.
❤【Pouring fluid design】It is suitable for all kinds of , hair growth liquid, nutrient solution etc. The essence can be accurately introduced into the hair root without applying it by handReduce the waste of hand rubbing or eruption quickly nourishes the hair.Oil came out small amount and even, is more conducive to be absorbed by the scalp.
❤【Not easy to tangles】scalp applicator comb Dry and wet dual purpose.18 massage comb teeth and 28 liquid outlet teeth Oil came out amount and even fit the scalp well to make you feel comfortable during use, is more conducive to be absorbed by the scalp.easy to operate: place the comb on the front of the head and comb from ahead to the back or from the top to down.
❤【Vibrating Massage】3 modes with different vibration intensity and frequency are available. Slow down fatigue and headache caused by tension and pressure,Improve sleep quality it makes your head feel relaxed and refreshed.
❤【Easy to Grasp and Clean】Ergonomic design, Simple and stylish appearance,The comb teeth are made of alloy material, which is easy to wipe and clean convenient and comfortable to hold Non-slip. Small and light,are a super gift choice for your friends and family.

Hair growth/hair care/anti-hair loss

The comb liquid tank can be added hair care liquid, the nutrition directly reach the hair root by the rolling ball comb teeth to achieve the effect of hair growth/hair care/anti-hair loss.

Infrared electromagnetic wave

and promote circulating metabolism

Vibration massage

Microwave vibrate the scalp, promote blood circulation in the brain, relaxe the brain, relieve nervous tension

EMS and -ION nutrition lead-in

The powerful lead-in function of EMS and -ION directly reach the subcutis, making the hair care products more easily absorbed by the scalp.

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