NEW Infrared Light Treatment Device for Cold Ulcer Ulcer Infrared Light Treatment Stickfor Mouth Nose Ear Knee Feet Hands Ankle

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Red Light Therapy Cold Sore Device For Mouth Sores Treatment 660nm 850nm NearInfrared LED Light Therapy Machine Skin Care Wand


✔3 in 1 Red Light Therapy Device: With three different light therapy modes of red light, near infrared and blue light. Red + blue light therapy: relieves pain and inflammation; red light therapy: relieves pain; blue light therapy: alone for inflammation. The 3-in-1 red light penetrates deep into the skin, causing thermal effects such as muscles. It then accelerates blood circulation, increases metabolism, relieves pain, and promotes muscle relaxation

✔Pulse function: Considering the different skin endurance, the red light therapy lamp innovatively adds a pulse mode for thin skin customers to avoid skin burns. It works by pulsing flashes to give the skin a brief buffer for better energy absorption and adjusts the power rating accordingly. The red light therapy torch supports a 3-minute timer.

✔FACIAL BODY 2-IN-1: With the tip on, it is a facial therapy device for the oral nose and ear. Any of your family and friends who suffer from oral ulcers, need quick pain relief, and don't want to rely on drugs for treatment, are suitable for this device to solve their problems.It uses a pure natural method to accelerate the healing of oral ulcers, there will be no tingling or burning sensation during use, you can use it with confidence

Overall skin health
Faster wound healing
Scar reduction
Hair growth
Pain relief
Improve collagen production
Increases blood flow
Accelerates muscle repair

Packaging content

1x Rotsha Red Light Therapy Torch
1x Device Hanging Strap
2x Rechargeable Batteries
1x Battery Storage Case
1x User Manual  A pair of glasses

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