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Thin body parts:

Waist, back, hips, legs, arms, the effect is very good, long-term use can improve sleep quality, improve constipation and physical function, enhance immunity and other effects, perfect body shape.


Decomposition burn fat. This product is the use of infrared heat to break down fat burning principle, you can not use any thin cream, do not worry about allergies, it can be very safe to slim down, and quick. When in use, according to their own feeling to control the heat, which can be adjusted to reach the required temperature automatic thermostat, use 10-15 minutes you will feel the feeling began to swell; to 20 minutes after whole body feels relaxed as if a lot of individual people There discharge sweat; you can use up to 30 minutes after turning off the power to take a bath to clean pores, a good rest. You every day for 30 minutes, you burn fat constantly break down, ten days or so to find lost. So you will soon be able to have a "devil's body." It is easy to use, you can lean while watching TV, lying in bed you can also sit back and lean. (Because there are differences between each person's body, and some sweat more, some do not sweat, so the effect is not as thin, if we continue with, the more fat and slim will have the effect of) the time it is from temperature enough time to start the calculation. (Security Guidelines: Arrive leg bands and belts are DC, so the relative safety, ease of use).

Start using:
Use plastic wrap to wrap thin parts, outside dry towel, then wrap thin instrument.

Working voltage: 220V
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

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