Nipple massage electric instruments Breast massage chest Stimulus device Infrared Electronic Breast Massage breasts bra 110-240V

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Breast massage chest Stimulus device Nipple massage electric instruments Infrared Electronic Breast Massage breasts bra

Working voltage: 220V
We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.

Using method
1, treasure chest close to the breast;
2, electricity and adjust the humidity controller (high, medium and low), to choose their own temperature;
3, the use of 1-3 times a day, each time 10-30 minutes;
4, after use, please disconnect the power supply.
Maintenance and maintenance
Can also be used in the case of power outages or leather detergent to clean the surface of PVC. When not in use, please treasure the placement on the breast flat drying cabinet.

1) the product around the chest, chest tightness to adjust according to the individual, to comfort.
2) plug in the 220V power supply, open the control box switch, this product is constant temperature.
30) after 3 minutes, turn off the control box switch, pull out the plug.
4) tips: use this product at the same time, eat more foods rich in vitamin E, B class helps to stimulate breast development. Therefore, we should eat vegetables, cauliflower, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, and other rich in vitamin E food, and rich in vitamin B2, animal offal, eggs, milk and soy products, rich in vitamin B6, fish, beans, lean meat and so on.

Matters needing attention:
1) this product is forbidden to use in the following places: bathroom, kitchen, high temperature, high pressure, humidity and near water source and near fire source place.
2) away from sharp objects, shall not be trampled or suppressed with heavy items.
3) such as surface fouling and available detergent dip a soft cloth to scrub, avoid by all means is the product with strong deep agent (such as gasoline, alcohol, etc.) cleaning, avoid products bubble in the water cleaning.
4) before the use of inspection is damaged, if damaged, please immediately contact the vendor or manufacturer, can not be privately maintained, installed and removed.

Authority certification
EU CE, EU RoHS, the United States and the United States UL, Japan PSE.
Mechanism of action
Far infrared electric pack (55 + - 5 Deg. C)

1, the following conditions are disabled:
Active bleeding and bleeding tendency;
Active tuberculosis;
Malignant tumor;
Acute inflammation, high fever, open wound patients;
Heart failure, renal failure and other critical diseases.
2, pregnant women, infants and young children, sensory disorders, life can not take care of themselves, please follow the doctor's advice to use

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