Nueva frecuencia de Radio de elevación de la piel de estiramiento RF Thermage RF eliminación de arrugas faciales Importación de ojos máquina de belleza masajeador de ojos

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New Radio frequency skin lift RF stretch Thermage RF facial wrinkle removal Eye import beauty machine eye massager

Product Parameters:
Temperature range: 6-45 C
Input voltage: DC 5V
Battery capacity: 750mA
Charging power: less than 2.5 W
Vibration frequency: 9000 rpm
Charging time: less than 3.5 hours
Working hours: 5 minutes / each
Host Size: 145 * 51.9 * 38.5mm

Issues that need attention:
1. Read the instructions carefully before using them and use it correctly.
2. Do not use the use outside the instructions.
3 Do not use or place in the hot and humid environment, such as the sun, the bathroom, the bathroom, etc.
4 Do not put it next to the hottest appliances, to avoid accidents such as fire and electric shock.
5 The charger should not be used in wet conditions to avoid short circuits and electric shock.
6. Do not allow children or physically inactive people to use it. Children need adult guidance when they use them.




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