Omron HEM-7130 electronic blood pressure monitor

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* Arrhythmia detection


Cuff wrap light
Test and indicate whether the cuff is properly wrapped around the arm.

Blood pressure level indicator
To facilitate interpretation of blood pressure, the measurement range is displayed on the side of the monitor.

Body movement detection
When an error is detected due to body movement, the user is prompted to re-measure

Arrhythmia detection

The average of the last 3 readings in 10 minutes

What is enhanced intellisense
The enhanced Intellisense sphygmomanometer-bioinformatics sensing technology ensures accuracy, comfort and ease of use.

Each time it is used, Monitor will inflate the cuff to the desired level. The user can select the inflation level without making adjustments. This is especially convenient for high blood pressure users and people with certain arrhythmias or heart disease, because their blood pressure may fluctuate. The advantage is that personalized inflation provides maximum comfort.

Personalized inflation level without pain and discomfort
Quick exhaust valve for quick measurement
Clear large LCD display, easy to read
User friendly big button operation.

The user manual is in Chinese.

no battery. The battery cannot be transported. The battery can also be purchased locally. We will send you the appropriate plug according to your country.


We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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