Elderly Manual Transfer Lift Wheelchair Household Bedridden Patient Nursing Chair Lifting Shift Machine Transport Moving Lifter

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Product weight: 25-27kg
Bearing weight: 110kg
Lifting principle: manual rocking wheel
Lifting height: 85-120cm
Base width: 58-75cm
Cushion size: 45*40cm
Base height: 13.5CM

1. The main frame can be raised and lowered manually, using the lifting method of gear + screw rod. Bottom width adjustable.
2. Matching soft seat cushion and toilet seat cushion. Easier with bedpan.
3. Swivel casters, can be braked.
4. This product is produced by the brand manufacturer, which can be used for shower, toilet, wheelchair Bed Transfer lift.
5. Large handle, more labor-saving. Install the power assist device(Handle booster) to easily control lifting and lowering by shaking.
(Recommended for patients above 90KG installation. More effortless)(Optional)
6. Upgrade and install hard backrest, making it easier for patients(Optional)


About Products:

1. This product is not suitable for patients with total paralysis or neck weakness

2. The product is the manual mechanical lifting casing device. When lifting, the main frame may shake a little, which is normal

3. When the bottom of the product does not stick out, the narrowest width of the product is 58CM. If you need to pass the bathroom door, please consider

5. Please read the product introduction carefully, and choose a suitable package when placing an order. There may be some errors in the appearance and size of the actual product sent.

6. There may be errors in the dimension of the product, and the factory may make some changes to the appearance

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