PI-IKING 750 Fully Waterproof Metal Detector 100ft/30m Underwater Diving Ocean Lake High Sensitivity Pulse Induction Hand Held

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Product Description: Introducing the PI-iking 750 metal detector, designed for deep-sea diving and treasure hunting enthusiasts. This high-sensitivity pulse induction (PI) detector boasts a range of impressive features for detecting metal in underwater environments, from oceans and lakes to deep waters. Whether you're a deep-sea explorer or a lakebed treasure hunter, the PI-iking 750 will be your trusted companion.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Sensory Communication: The PI-iking 750 communicates with you using LED light signal indicators and vibrations to alert you to metal detection. It operates reliably underwater without relying on sound.

  2. Pulse Induction Technology (PI): Utilizing advanced PI technology, the PI-iking 750 excels in detecting metal in saltwater, various types of soil, including black sand.

  3. Detection Depth Stability: Advanced circuitry ensures consistent detection depth throughout the battery's life, eliminating concerns about performance degradation.

  4. Target Distancing: As you approach a target, the vibration and light pulses intensify, providing precise target location feedback.

  5. Automatic Tuning: Featuring state-of-the-art microprocessor control, the PI-iking 750 requires no adjustments, making your treasure hunting journey seamless.

  6. Fully Waterproof Design: The PI-iking 750 is fully waterproof, capable of operating at depths of up to 100 feet (30 meters), making it an excellent tool for deep-sea treasure hunting.

  7. Versatile Carrying Options: It comes with a belt loop for easy attachment to your belt and a wrist strap for added security.

  8. Pulse Induction Search Coil: With a wider detection range and high sensitivity, it can even detect tiny metal objects like needles.

  9. Robust Construction: Built with durability in mind, the PI-iking 750 allows you to easily locate metal targets in sand, freshwater, and saltwater.

  10. Deep-Sea Treasure Hunting: Equipped with white LED indication and vibration alerts, the PI-iking 750 takes your underwater treasure hunting to a whole new level.

  11. Precision Search Coil Design: Enhances the detection area and depth, ensuring you won't miss any potential treasures.


  • Deep-Sea Exploration: The PI-iking 750 is the ideal choice for deep-sea diving enthusiasts, helping you uncover unknown treasures and underwater relics.

  • Lakebed Treasure Hunting: Whether in lakes or deep water bodies, the PI-iking 750 assists you in finding buried treasures hidden beneath the water's surface.

  • Archaeological Research: Archaeologists can use the PI-iking 750 to excavate historical sites and discover valuable artifacts buried deep in the soil.

  • Underwater Diving: As a fully waterproof device, the PI-iking 750 is suitable for underwater divers seeking coral reefs, shipwrecks, and other treasures.

  • Metal Detection: Whether searching for gold in gold mines or lost items in fields, the PI-iking 750 meets your needs.

The PI-iking 750 is a versatile metal detector with high sensitivity and durability, enabling you to find hidden treasures in various environments. Don't miss out on this opportunity—purchase the PI-iking 750 today and embark on your treasure hunting journey!

Material: ABS
Color: yellow+black+grey
Brand name: Pi-Iking
Detection mode: pulse induction (PI)
Detect objects: all metal (iron, aluminum loop, small aluminum product, coins, gold, bronze, silver)
Alarm mode: vibration & white LED light
Water resistant level: 30M/98ft waterproof
Tuning: automatic
Sensitivity: 25 cents coin: 10mm; one dollar coin: 15mm
Frequency: 6.8KHz
Current: standby: 8mA, Max.: 20mA
Operating current: 0.03A
Operating voltage: 9V
Operating temperature: -5℃ to +55℃
Battery: 1 * 6F22 9V battery (not included)
Application: testing metal foreign body of materials, fuel and food, detection of underground pipeline & line, archaeology, exploration, found buried treasures of gold, silver and metal artifacts, the acquisition of scrap metal industry, checking metal foreign bodies in delivery and luggage.
Item size: 420 * 112 * 105mm / 16.5 * 4.4 * 4.1in
Item weight: 391g / 13.8ounce
Package size: 460 * 95 * 95mm / 18.1 * 3.7 * 3.7in
Package weight: 555g / 1.2lb

Packing List:
1 * Metal Detector
1 * User Manual


Boot: handle grasp - probe vertical up - 2 seconds- two short vibration signals-start.
Shutdown: probe facing down-5seconds after the vertical up -2 seconds-two short vibration signals-shutdown.
Sleep: 60 seconds without moving or using - two long vibration signals-shutdown signals-shutdown.
Low Voltage.running out of power -four long vibration signals - automatic shutdown signals-shutdown.


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