Portable 2 in 1 Cryo No Needle Electroporation Mesotherapy Skin Cool Facial Anti Aging Skin Care Machine

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Portable 2 in 1 Cryo No Needle Electroporation Mesotherapy Skin Cool Facial Anti Aging Skin Care Machine

Main theory:

1.Electroporation:Directly act on the skin, instantly enhance skin tissue penetration. Under the function of electroshock, there will be formed holes in the lipid mobilizationof cells, at the same time, the hydrophile molecule which have not been absorbed originally can penetrate into cells inner. Once the holes forming, withing several seconds to several minutes, it will keep the opening state according to the lenth of electroshock.

Electroosmosis:Mainly act on the substance molecule which will be dispersed, help it freely to penetrate into skin inner. Same quality electric charges are mutual repulsion, so it can throw positive current onto positive nutrition molecule, push untritin molecule into skin tissues. Same time, the neutral molecule also willpenetrate into skin inner also.

2.Cold:Use -10℃Cryo cold help sensitive skin close pores

3. Hot:Open pores, and help skin absorn essential


1.Fast cooling speed

2.Strong & stable mechanical performace

3.Dual applicator (Cooling&Heating)

4.Comfortable applicator grip

5.Post care after MTS or Laser treatment

6. No needle Meso Therapy

7. Solution Penetration

8.Skin Relaxation

9.Skin tone & Texture improvement


1.Small size but strong effect of penetration

2.Portable size: self – use

3.Easy and simple operate

4.No consumable

5.No pain

Step for using skin cool

1. Heating MAX+40, Effective for opening pore and relaxing skin.

2. Electroporation: Penetrate Solution into dermis directly, improve skin whitening, wrinkle removal, and pigment removal.

3. Cooling MAX-10, Effective for tightening of pore on the skin after electroporation.

4. Cooling-Electroporation, Enhance soltion Penetration rate.


Voltage: Free Voltage with Adapter

Frequency: 50-60KHZ

Weight: body2.4KGS

Type: Electroporation, Cooling, Heating system

Maximum: Cooling temperature -10℃

Maximum: Heating temperature +40℃

How to use:

1. Wash the face with warm water to remove makeup residue

2. Use 'Heating' to open pores (up to 40°c). For gentle rubbing, spread massage cream and use handpiece.

Usually for 5-8 minutes.

3. By electroporation, make fine hole on the surface of skin tissue which help penetration of active ingredient of skin care products such as highly enriched ampule or serum into the skin directly. These holes are temporarily open, they are closed when the procedure finish. During the procedure, you may feel pricky but it is natural phenomenon for making holes.

Easy to adjust the level of Electroporation by Jog dial.

Usually for 10-12 minutes until serum completely absorbed into skin.

4. As a last step, use 'Cooling' to calm the skin & close pores (up to -10°c).

Usually about 5-8 minutes.

Operation time: 2-3 treatments one week.

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