Portable Gravitational Diamond Finger Face Lifting Body Massage Radio Frequency Microcurrent Golden Finger RF EMS Beauty Machine

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Portable Gravitational Diamond Finger Face Lifting Body Massage Radio Frequency Microcurrent Golden Finger RF EMS Beauty Machine

Product parameters:

Item:Gold gravitational diamond finger machine

Diamond fingers:BIO intensity: 9 Levels, Temperature: 9 Levels, RF frequency: 0.3-0.5MHz

Voltage:110-240V, 50/60HZ

Battery:Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity:1800mAh


Product features:

1.Portable golden finger, relaxed and unrestricted, wake up tired you anytime and anywhere. The control panel can easily set the heat and micro electric intensity, which is simple and easy to use. The numbers and patterns are displayed on the screen, and the operation is more intuitive.

2.It can be used in three parts of the eye / face / neck, comprehensive lifting massage, lifting and shaping the face, and micro current massage thorn can make your face shape a compact V face without highlight.

3.Relax the skin around the eyes and relieve the fatigue caused by using the eyes for a long time. Long term office work and long-term lowering of head cause neck muscle pain. EMS pulse massage can relax neck muscles and alleviate work fatigue.


1. Fixed-point massage, micro-electric physical therapy(lifting and firming, massage to relieve fatigue)

2. Thermal energy penetration, dredge meridians (activate cells, promote metabolism)

3. Multi-level adjustment, multi-finger matching massage(improve dark circles and remove neck lines)

4. Scraping expert, body shaping (scraping cupping, slim waist)

5. Negative pressure gravity, micro-electric physiotherapy (to clear the meridians and promote metabolism)


1. Control panel, easy to set heat and micro current intensities, easy to use, display numbers and patterns on the screen, the operation is more intuitive.

2. Charging function, fast endurance, only need to charge once, it can be used for about 90 minutes.

3. Eye, face, neck three purpose, full lifting massage.

4. Lifting and shaping the face, micro current massage stimulation, helping to shape the V face.

5. Relax the skin around the eyes, relieve fatigue and dryness caused by long term use of the eyes.

6. Long term bending over the desk, long term bowing, EMS pulse massage to relax the neck muscles.

7. Dredge the meridians, back scraping therapy, make you feel comfortable.

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