Portable Insulin Cooler Bag Diabetic Insulin Travel Cooler Case Cooling Box

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This product is mainly composed of insulation cloth and ice bag, used for refrigeration insulin, available for people with diabetes to carry to go out to work, travel and outdoor recreation, sport, this product is easy to operate, can be used repeatedly, cold storage time can reach 6 to 8hours or so, is the ideal close-fitting supplies diabetes.

No battery, can travel by plane!!
It can display the temperature.

Method of use:
1, the anti-condensation agent within the insulin for cold bag to take out the inner core, place freezer refrigeration in the frozen room 1 ~ 2 hours. Set aside.
2, when using insulin out into the cold bag bag, cold cool 1 ~ 2 hours each time, can be used many times repeatedly the frozen.
3, anti-condensation agent at ordinary times can be stored in the freezer or inner core put in room temperature preservation, never metamorphism.

Package include:
1pc X Insulin cooler box
4 pcs x refrigerant
1 X Exquisite packaging

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