Portable Manual Chiropractic Adjusting Tools Relief Therapy Spine Pain Correction Gun Spinal Adjustment Massager Body Relax 2023

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1.Cervical syndrome: headache, dizziness, insomnia, limited neck mobility, neck pain, arm numbness, neck ovement disorder.
2.Thoracic syndrome: back pain, shortness of breath, poor appetite, gastrointestinal disorders.
3.Lumbar syndrome: acute and chronic low back pain, lumbar disc herniation, legs and feet numb.
4.Pelvic syndrome:croiliac joint subluxation, sciatica, toe feet.
5.Scoliosis: the prevention of regressive lesions of the conventional spine health.


1.The eyes and the surrounding area, the myocardium, the spinal cord, the gonads, the kidneys and the liver.
2.Blood disorders, coagulation problems or the use of anticoagulants.
3.Polypus in the area of treatment.
5.Tumor diseases.
7.Growing cartilage in children.
8.Therapy using corticoids.
9.Inapplicable on areas in proximity to large nerve bundles, bundles, blood vessels, the spinal cord and the head.
10. Heart disease, diabetes, pregnant women, and other major diseases.

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