Portable Stroke Patient Finger Rehabilitation Training Glove Active And Passive Training Support Mirror Training And Charging

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Can effectively relieve the following symptoms:

Postoperative rehabilitation

Delayed reaction

Difficulty in normal hand movement due to hand damage

Numbness and lack of sensation


Question: How long does it take to see results?

Answer: Finger rehabilitation training is a long-term process and does not produce immediate results. It gradually improves through exercise therapy. The effectiveness of rehabilitation varies greatly depending on the patient's condition. Generally, finger recovery is slower than other body parts.


Question: How should the hand function rehabilitation robot be used?

Answer: It is recommended to choose the appropriate gear, training frequency, and training method based on your actual situation. Generally, it can be used 2-3 times a day for 20 minutes each time. The duration of each use should not be too long. If there is soreness in the hand the day after training, the daily training frequency should be reduced.


Expert message: "Hand impairment brings great difficulties to patients' lives, but the recovery process is often challenging, and this is an unchangeable reality. To achieve good results, confidence, patience, scientific training, and perseverance are important."


Product Features and Advantages:

Powerful motor

Lightweight and easy to use

Pneumatic design, gentle on the hand

Biomimetic structure that imitates hand gripping and stretching movements, stimulating the brain to relieve hand stiffness issues.

Selectable modes for single finger, double fingers, multiple fingers, or specific fingers, depending on the user's needs.

Valve for exercise

Touch control

Independent training

Quality control

Supports both charging and plug-in use


Package Contents:

Main unit

Rehabilitation glove

Mirror glove


Mirror glove data cable

Auxiliary strap

Training ball

Instruction manual



1. How long is appropriate for each use?

The single use time should not be too long, it is recommended to control within 20 minutes.


2. How is the training intensity set?

Different users have different muscle physiology, and the degree of rehabilitation and exercise is different. Therefore, different muscle tone levels correspond to different recommended gears. See the instructions for details.


3. Who are the suitable groups?

Stroke patients, cerebral hemorrhage patients, hand burns, cerebral palsy caused hand disorders in children, young and middle- aged people and the elderly.


4. Contraindications of the use of hand function rehabilitation training instrument?

Before training, it is necessary to confirm that the hand to be trained is not stiff. If stiff, it is necessary to enter the work massage and hot compress first, until the affected hand reaches the soft state before training; Do not give to people without behavioral awareness or young children alone use; If you have sprains, trauma, bone injuries of unknown condition, people with severe osteoporosis, untreated fractures or people who need to be imitated after treatment, do not use this product without professional confirmation.

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Stroke glove
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