Professional 3d Nls Health Analyzer With CE

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3d nls analyzer software free download


What is origin 3d nls analyzer software free download?

Original russian 3d nls body health analyzer with multilanguages is consuming 35 years, millions of data accumulated in huge Pro. Bed repository basis, chaos mathematics as the basis, the various cells of the human body both wave and dynamic data of the substances, With the help of high-speed operation of the computer, designed to detect substances 5300 kinds of physiological reaction of the body organs of sub-health status, help predict who the next 3 - 5 years of healthy cells and organs of the body vitality trend.

What can origin 3d nls analyzer software free download do?

3D set body detection, item analysis, repair Cape frequency three functions in one.

1. Body detection

Large systems can detect the body 12, 256 organs, glands, cells .... 4352 kinds of disease make predictive report, the body 120 000 collection points to ensure accurate testing. Users can saw their own organs present, past and future 3--5 years of health and vitality trends tissue cells.

2. Item analysis

It can analyze food, health products and other items of body organ if it helps or damage, or the extent of damage and help.

3. Repair treatment function

An energy spectrum restoration and repair function, the primary condition or without forming stage has a good secondary effects.

3D nls analyzer with the function of physical examination, article analysis and repair treatment, Applicable to many industries.

Main effect

Main effect of our origin 3d nls analyzer software free download:

1, Green examination on the body without any harm.

2, Able to see the health of internal organs, and understand 3--5 years after health trends.

3, Can quickly detect changes in cells and tissues of the body 12 systems, comparable to the relevant range of scanning up to 12,000 items, the speed of light to complete the 100,000-point scanning to ensure the accuracy of detection.

4, Can quickly help users to advance understanding of the role of product for a specific device. Officer.

5, Can make test data for daily food or health food effect.

6, To provide professional image materials for the training of employees expertise.

7, After the sale of health products provide the basis for tracking efficacy.

8, Can be personalized for the consumer health professional data recovery plan.

9, A healthy diet can provide daily guidance for consumers.

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