Professional Ipl Magneto Optical Device OPT IPL 360 Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine Salon Equipment 360 Magneto

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Technical Principle

HR Technical Principle - The wavelength of professional hair removal from 640nm to 1200nm can reach the effective penetration depth of the hair papilla. Continuous light ensures that the target tissue will generate sufficient heat to deactivate hair follicles and surrounding stem cells, retracting hair from the hair follicle to stop growth. The latest single pulse technology and the sapphire contact operation head, simultaneous operation and cooling can not only eliminate the long-term effect of hair, but also protect normal skin tissue from damage and make the client feel more comfortable during the operation.

Technical Principle

Painless Hair Removal: Permanent hair removal, indecent hair (hair growth) all over the body, including lighter hairs.
Freckle Removal: Removes freckles, melasma, sunburn spots, age spots, acne marks, facial scars.
Rejuvenation: Eliminates pores, rough skin, fine wrinkles, and restores skin elasticity.
Treatment of Telangiectasia: Red blood, facial wash. Removes dark complexion, makes skin white, uniform in color.

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