Prostate Pain Relief Massage Instrument Heating Physiotherapy Stimulator Massager Cure Prostatic Urologic Prostatitis Anal Plug

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Simulate finger massage
TRM multi-function prostate therapy device can imitate human finger massage for treatment.
After general massage, the patient feels comfortable, and the local discomfort and falling feeling are relieved.

Physical temperature-con-trolled hyperthermia
Increase local drug concentration and relieve clinical symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
Increases blood circulation in prostate tissue.

Rotary Magnetic Therapy
Apply the theory that the magnetic field N pole and S pole attract each other, and apply the mutual at-traction generated by the magnetic field N pole and S pole space in the design.

Input voltage: AC110-220V±22V
Power: ≤20W
Temperature control: 37-50°C
Time control: 60min
Massage frequency: adjustable between 0 and 8 levels; (0 level without vibration)
Magnetic induction intensity:≥80mT
Indications: Prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia combined with prostatitis, semi-nal vesiculitis, prostate pain.
Adverse reactions: During the treatment process, the stool frequency and physical properties of individual patients changed, and they disappeared automatically after the treatment.
Contraindications: Contraindicated in patients with hemorrhoids and prostate cancer.

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