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1 with a streamlined ergonomic body design allows you to easily push the fat for key positions, to get rid of the waist , abdomen, buttocks , arms, legs and other fat sagging .

2 included three groups of massage head ( smooth, wavy , ball ) , both decompression, deep tissue massage , essential oils into pushing fat function. And comes with Protective Covers , allowing you to massage the neck to prevent hair involved .
3 detachable massage head design allows you to easily replaced as needed massage heads , cleaning more convenient.
4 stepless design , a knob to get all control .
5 built-in high-torque motor , the strong force can really deep massage, direct sore point .

Multiple sets of massage heads a machine:
A smooth massage head : unpack massage , neck massage is recommended .
2 wave-type massage head : acupuncture deep tissue massage , strengthening to improve blood circulation and body , there is

Enjoy treatments such as professional masseurs .
3 -ball type massage head : oil massage , potent import, activation depth absorption performance.
4 Protective Covers : prevent hair involved in the machine that protects the hair safely.

Replace the massage head massage head can be washed :
1 When replacing the massage head , turn the power off , to be completely stopped before replacement.
2 Protective Covers will pull out ( if installed ) , and then pull out the massage head massage machine according to the axial direction .
3 massage heads will be installed massage head is attached to the retaining ring ( black ) , pressed up close together.
4 If you want to massage the neck, please re- install protective Covers, pressed into the body until snug .
5 When using ball type massage head , do not install protective Covers, Covers cause damage .
1 Please read the instructions included with the product to use .
(2) The product within one year from date of purchase provided the warranty , the case of man-made improper use or drop and throw touch
When natural disasters caused by failure to change , will not be covered under warranty .

Product Specifications
real machine size : about 16 x 15 x 10cm
Weight : about 1000g
Input voltage : 110-220V (We will send the corresponding power plug according to your country.)
Maximum power consumption : 25W
Speed :2200-2500RPM
Host Material : ABS / TPR plastic
Standard accessories : host, smoothing massage head , wave -type massage head , ball type massage head , Protective Covers

Pure farm generation push fat massage machine using innovative lightweight streamlined design , is a strong driving force
And quiet massager . Offers like sports like effect , while also soothing to relax your muscles. Very
Suitable for the waist , neck, shoulders, arms , buttocks , thighs , calves , etc. abdomen , allowing you to use the most simple
Single way to exercise and relax while your body .

Innovative ergonomic streamline design, easy to use
lightweight body design , any time, any place easily sculpture stature
high torque motor, high speed beat, powerful , really deep massage
quiet design , enjoy the Zen extract

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