Portable 3L Oxygen Concentrator Oxygene Machine

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It contains a rechargeable battery, so you can go anywhere. It has a car charger and a power adapter for home use, making charging very convenient. Low-noise, silent motor, physical oxygen generation rate is 30%.



Portable Mini Oxygen Concentrator Household Car Oxygen Generator Inhaler Machine Battery Oxygenerator Air Purifiers

No storage battery included

Oxygen Flow: 3 L/min continuous oxygen flow 
Oxygen Concentration: 28% concentration high-efficient oxygen supply. .
Power Requirements: car adapter DC 12-16.8 V, AC 110-240 V, rechargeable battery
Noise: below 45 dB
Item Weight: 4.4 lb
Item Size: 9.84*4.72* 5.91 inches
Working Time: 24 hours (automatic power off every 4 hours for protection, can be powered on immediately)

Advantage: The machine voltage is universal, AC 110-240V, can be used in the car, have vehicle-mounted cigarette lighter, not used in aircraft, noise below 48dB, O2 flow 3L/min, it is fixed, can not be adjusted, control to 28% ± 2%, in order to protect compressor, machine only continuous running for 4 hours, it can be open again when turn off.
Instructions for accessories: The machine is equipped with a handle for easy carrying; The charger and battery charger are not shared, each has one; The purpose of the green storage bag in the nasal oxygen tube is to collect water vapor, not to add water, and the design purpose is to maintain no accumulated water vapor inside the tube wall, making oxygen more pure and safe to pass through, when there is water vapor in the middle of the bag, it can be unscrewed, clean the inside of the sac.
Operation: Please soak the nasal oxygen tube with warm saline as far as possible, clean the tube and use it more comfortably, cleanly and odorless; when starting, connecting the power supply or battery, hear bee bee bee three voice, then press the red button, and then press the green button, according to the number of press green buttons, it can be timed for 20,40,60 minutes, when pressing 4 times on blue buttons represents continuous work for 4 hours. One button type design is more convenient.
Electric quantity: Normal charge for about 2 hours, use 1-2h. When the charger plugs in the power connection battery, charge process is the red light; the charger plugs in the power directly or connects the battery, when fully charged is the green light. Size: 9.84*4.72* 5.91 inches. Product weight 4.4 lb, Shipping weights just 7.7 lb.

Package Includes:
1 x Main Oxygen Concentrator
1 x Power adapter (We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.)
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Extender tube with vaporizer capsule
1 x English Manual
1 x Nasal Cannula
1 x Power Cord
1 x Car Charger

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