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Here is the heat herb aroma and herb facial beauty care. This mini machine is working

to heat up water and turn it into steam.

Not only the steam helps improve circulation and nutrition absorption, which can make

skin fresh, but also can helps open pores to promote metabolism and clear excessive

sebum, which can deeply clean the skin and make it clear.


Better Circulation : Steamers cause blood vessels to dilate, which brings more blood to

the skin's surface.

Because blood carries nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, an increased blood

flow to your facial skin promotes a soft, healthy glow.

Deep Cleansing: Facial steamers help get rid of impurities buried under the skin.Facial

steamers open pores, allowing skin to breathe and carry oil, dirt and other toxins to

the surface where they can be washed away.

Recommended Distance between your face and the nozzle: 20-25cm (oily skin), 30-

35cm (dry skin), 25-30cm (neutral or mixed skin), or 35cm (sensitive skin)


Power: 400W

Electric Requirement: 220V/50Hz

Size (Appox): 18x12x10cm

Package included: 1 x Facial Herb Skin Care Steamer



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