SC-2/4/6/8 Pool Salt Chlorinator 2 Gears Intelligent Control Salt Chlorine Generator Cell for SPA Swimming Tank HT

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Pool Salt System 2 Gears Intelligent Control Salt Chlorine Generator Cell for SPA Swimming Tank 100‑240V


1. Intelligent Control: The salt and chlorine generator adopts intelligent control technology, with one button start and stop, the electrode has the function of circulating self clearing, and it has a multi function protection system such as water , overload, high temperature, generator electrode short circuit, etc.
2. Safe Functions: The salt chlorine generator has the power failure memory function, the memory of the last operation mode, and the salt content high and low prompt and fault prompt functions.
3. Shell and Colorful Light: The metal controller shell is durable and has good heat dissipation effect. Transparent generator shell, colorful light running indication, can intuitively produce chlorine.
4. Easy to Install: The controller and generator are designed in an integrated way, which is easy to install and less space. The movable structure that can be disassembled to clean dynamic metal plates is designed to facilitate installation and maintenance.
5. 2 Gears: The inlet and outlet are designed to be in the same axial horizontal plane to reduce the amount of pipeline layout. The 2 gears chlorine production is optional, which can be selected and adjusted according to the needs, saving energy and protecting the environment.


Item Type: Salt Chlorine Generator Cell

Material: ABS, dynamic plates
Product Size of Assembly: 324x120mm/12.8x4.7in
Bottom Mounting Hole Pitch: 124mm/4.9in
Size of Round Joint: Inner diameter 48-49mm/1.9x1.93in
Salinity Level: 1000-2000ppm
Voltage: AC110V-220V 50-60Hz
Output: DC24V 2A
Product Use: Needs for salt and chlorine cleaning in swimming pool, spa pool, swimming tank, boundless swimming pool, etc.


Package List:
1 x Salt Chlorine Generator Cell
4 x Accessories
1 x Manual


Power on and automatic startup refers to the automatic startup of the system when the power supply is restored again in case of power failure during the work process; Memorizing the last working state refers to working according to the current gear before the system is powered off or before the system stops.

How to use: Installation instructions: 1. Before use, ensure that the pipe diameter to be installed is consistent with the installation diameter of the salt chlorine generator. 2. Before installing the chlorinator, close the valves at both ends of the pipe. 3. Before installation, clean the oil stain or sundries in the installation nozzle. 4. The salt and chlorine generator shall be installed on the pipeline before the water treatment process flows back to the swimming pool and on the bypass pipeline; An adjustable valve must be installed on the main pipe. 5. When installing water pipe joints, PVC special glue shall be used. 7. The power controller of the chlorinator must be installed on the power supply with leakage switch protection. 8. The chlorinator shall be installed at the ventilated position, which is conducive to heat dissipation of electric control parts. Do not install it in damp and rainy places. 9. Avoid direct sunlight when using. Otherwise, the life of the product shell will be shortened.

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