Skin Analyzer 7 inch 50X/200X Magnifying Scepter Analyzer 500W HD Skin Scanner Hair Follicle Oil Moisture Pigment Tester Scalp

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Skin Analyzer 7 inch 50X/200X Magnifying Scepter Analyzer 500W HD Skin Scanner Hair Follicle Oil Moisture Pigment Tester Scalp

Package Includes:
LCD Display x 1pc
Manual x 1pc
200X lens x 1pc
50X lens x 1pc
Control x 1pc 【only "701S (Charging)" needs the remote control】
Handle x 1pc
Power adapter x 1pc

1. Freeze Frame Design
During image movement, it is difficult to observe hair or skin conditions. In order to make it more convenient for beauticians or operators, we have carefully developed the freeze frame function.

2. 50X Lens:
It is used to analyze skin conditions such as acne, acne, blackhead and coarse pores, so as to understand their own skin conditions
a. General skin: leather trench thickness varies irregularly shaped
b. Dry skin: leather trench fine texture than the clutter
c. Oily skin: fine pores; oily texture is not obvious
d. Aging skin: texture disappeared mostly in one direction
e. Acne-type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores
f. Sensitive skin: The skin is thin, prone to stimulate micro vascular expansion
g. Face gown type skin: sebum accumulation in the pores, inflamed by bacterial infection,causing purulent
h. Pigmented skin: hyper pigmentation, gathered into a patchy

3. 200X Lens:
Detection of the nature of hair and daily show symptoms, such as hair follicles clogging/ excessive oil secretion / bacterial infection

a. The health characteristics of hair: black, soft, smooth and shiny
b. Damage to healthy hair factors: excessive use of stereotypes liquid, the use of hair dye or perm chemicals, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, environmental pollution and severely punished, malnutrition.
c. Parameters- Top quality best price beauty device face skin analyzer

4. LCD screen to show the skin and hair images:
With screen resolution of 1024*600 LCD screen, those can not be seen in normal situations can be magnified through the instrument, forming some vivid images.

5. Remote controller for easy operation:
Easy to operate the machine without any complex steps

6. Easy to carry:
23*15.5cm Screen size, portable design and very convenient to use.

Product parameters
Model: BD-701 (Plug-in) 701S (Charging)
Pixel: 200px
Accessories: 7-inch screen / detection handle
Material: ABS Resin
Voltage: 100 ~ 240V
Resolution: 1024 * 600
Magnification: 50 / 200X
Screen size: 7 inches
Gross weight: 1.05kg
Instrument size: 15.5 * 23cm
Package size: 26.5 * 35.5 * 6.5cm

Matters needing attention
1. Connect the probe to the handle. If the light is not on, it means that the positive and negative poles of the probe are connected reversely. Unscrew the probe and connect it reversely
2. Try to test the skin without sweat and makeup to ensure the test accuracy.
3. Be careful not to let the probe contact acid, alkali and other corrosive solvents, keep the lens clean and avoid micro dust polluting the lens chip.
4. The one-time full charge of the charging model takes about 4 hours, and the full charge life is up to 4 hours.

Usage Method
Step1 Connect the USB scanning lens cable (1) and the power cable (2)
Step2 Handle probe is screwed on and the light is not on, it indicates that the positive and negative electrodes are connected reversely
Step3 Press the freeze button on the handle to freeze the image screen and observe and analyze

Lens changing instructions / remote control instructions
Rotate the handle lens 45 degrees clockwise to remove and replace it
Remote control is to manually adjust the instrument display mode, brightness, contrast and switch screen

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