Skin care Face Serum Hydro Facial Aqua Peel Solution 400ml AS1 SA2 AO3 for Hydrafacial Machine Skin Deep Cleaning

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Aqua Peeling Solution 400ml Per Bottle Aqua Facial Serum Hydra Facial Serum For Normal Skin for Hydro Facial Dermabrasion
AS.1 Normal skin, lactic acid can promote skin peeling, soft remove impurities, excellent botanical extract to reduce skin irritation to minimize, and long moisturizing SA.2 Sensitive skin, acne fat-soluble & weak acid can easily remove acne bacteria and aging, VitA, VitE and natural moisturizing factor can calm the skin, sensitive skin also applies AO.3 All skin (sedative solution), aloe and soy extract, green tea extract, cypress leaves extract, etc., penetrate into the skin deep, restore damaged skin cells, effectively help to regenerate, brighten the skin to make the skin full of luster
Usage method :
AS1 and SA2 Solution is poured into the empty bottle of the instrument for use, cleaning effect, for different skin properties. For example: AS. 1 is deeply clean and suitable for many kinds of skin SA.2 is oil-control, oily and acne muscles. AO. 3 is generally used for oxygen injector, i.e. spray gun, or face wet compress alone is also moisturizing and moisturizing.
Packing list:
AS1 400ml
AS2 400ml
AS3 400ml
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