Smart Soft Hand Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves For Stroke Patients

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Upgraded glove will be more flexible. The effection will be better.

* This product is used for hand rehabilitation training.Rehabilitation training for stroke, hemiplegia and trauma.
* Hand mirror training
Air pressure as the power, automatically drive hand activities, reduce spasm, do effective training for hand recovery, can also act on the brain nerves and blood vessels, promote the conservative treatment of brain injury and postoperative rehabilitation.

Using the principle of mirror image, the contralateral hand flexes and stretches to drive the action of the affected side, and through continuous imitation and re-learning, it can promote the remodeling of brain function.

According to customer feedback, there will be an obvious feeling in 15 days, 2-3 months can be greatly improved.

It has a built-in battery that can be recharged.
Send the correct charger plug according to your country.

Health is a responsibility. Living is victory, making money is just a game, health is the goal! Rehabilitation Glove Function is a pneumatic drive device for hand muscle strength, joint activity and brain damage nerve stroke, paraplegic smart gloves, mirror function of the rehabilitation training,





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