Specialty Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Double Layer Towel Disinfection Cabinet Nail Beauty Salon Spa Nail Art Equipment Tool

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thank you for using the sterile boxes, this box adopts ultraviolet light to disinfect, applicable to beauy salons,hotels home of a various of the utensils disinfection.In all current techonlogies,uv disinfection technology is the highest broad-spectrum. It can highly efficient to kill almost all the bacteria and viruses, not only disinfect the object, but also disinfect the water.As the ultraviolet disinfection technology without adding any chemical agents so it will not cause the secondary pollution to the water and environment.

This UV sterilizer provides thorough sterilization of manicure/pedicure instruments, electrodes, cupping glasses, brushes, sponges, scissors and all other accessories. It is also a great way to store the cleaned articles in a sterilized environment. It is widely used in hair salon, nail beauty salon, sauna shop, hotel, etc.
Towel warmer, designed for towel disinfection.
Transparent door, check sterilizing process.
Safe for sterilization, easy to use.
Removable racks, for storage of tools.
Removable water tray, avoid dripping.
Type: Towel Warmer
Material: ABS
Volume: 23L
Working Temperature: 80±10℃
Plug Standard: Malaysia Plug
Rated Voltage: 220V
Rated Power: 200W
Item Size: Approx. 45 * 27.5 * 35cm / 17.7 * 10.8 * 13.8in (L * W * H)
Item Weight: Approx. 6650g / 234.6oz
Package Size: Approx. 50 * 36.5 * 41cm / 19.7 * 14.4 * 16.1in (L * W * H)
Package Weight: Approx. 7700g / 271.6oz
Please refer to user manual for operation instructions & more detailed information.
Package List:
1 * Towel Warmer
2 * Disinfection Shelf
1 * User Manual
Pictured above
1 Grid shelf 2,Outercover 3,Power LED 4,Disconnect switches 5,Mat 6,Timer knob
7, Door 8,Door Handle 9,Telescopic Rail
1,Open the glass doors, put the grid shelf into (can be placed one or two grid according to the actual use)
2,put the items on the grid shelf.(Do not liquids), and then close the door.
3,Turn timer knob (parts diagram 6)to set the timing according to your need.
When you trun the knob counter-clockwise to "stay on", the sterilization will stay on until you turn it off(Note:Do not turn left further when the knob is on "stay on"). To set the timeing, turn the knob clockwise. 60 minutes is the maximum time.
4,Choose the disinfection time, be selected on the upper or lower canal sterilization, the upper and lower tube at the same time disinfect(vertex mean OFF),rotate the sup-knob 90 degrees clockwise to the first gear"UP" for the disinfection of top tube. rotate 180 degrees to the DOWN for the disinfection of down tube. rotate 270 degrees clockwise or 90 degrees counter-clockwise for the disinfection of up tube and down tube at the same time
5, It will automatically power off when you open the glass doors, to avoid ultraviolet radiation to hurt somebody when the machine is on or the power is not cut off after the machine is off.
6,you can open the box lid at the bottom when debris fall into a sterilization disinfection,push the black knob (OPEN direction) to open and clean-up debris, restore the lid.
1,this product can not be inverted using
2,should not be fluid outflow at the time of sterilization
3,cut off the power supply when you are cleaning the machine. Do not use it after wiping until the machine is dry.
4,Timer knob rotation stuck button action can not be forced
5,Avoid hitting the ultraviolet lamp and safe cover with hard objects when you put items into the machine.
In case of machine failure,refer to professionals instead of DO-IT-YOURSELF.

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