Tattoo Cartridge Grips Wireless Tattoo Power Supply 1600mAh Tattoo Battery Grip Interface For Tattoo Motor Machine

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1. Comfortable Grip: With ergonomic design and fine engraving process, anti slip handle for comfortable holding, can keep comfortable after a long time working, will not tired hands.
2. Long Endurance: 1600mAh large capacity battery, adjustment range is 4 to 12V. Suitable for tattoo artists to do large area tattoo, improve tattoo efficiency.
3. LCD Display: Can display remaining battery capacity, current voltage, operation time. Built in interface hook line, suit for different tattoo machine with interface.
4. Adjustable Needle Stroke: Built in steel ball to adjust needle stroke more accurately and will not change needle stroke, with 3 needle bar, compatible with most cartridge needle.
5. 2 In 1 Tattoo Handle: Tattoo wireless power supply and tattoo handle integrated design, convenient and practical. With durable aluminum alloy, has long service life.


Item Type: Tattoo Cartridge Grips Kit
Material: Aluminum Alloy, Electronic Components
Battery: lithium battery 1600mAh (Built in)
Tattoo Grips Power Supply Size:
Length: Approx. 86.5mm / 3.4in
Diameter: Approx. 34mm / 1.3in
Needle Bar Size: Approx. 8.5cm / 3.3in, 9cm / 3.5in, 9.5cm / 3.7in
Suitable: Tattoo cartridge grips tubes and power supply
Needle: Tattoo Cartridge Needle
Machine: Tattoo motor machine with interface
Voltage Adjustment Range: 4 to 12V
Voltage Adjustment Accuracy: Short press: 0.1V, long press to quickly adjust voltage
Forced Start Voltage: 8V
Technology: CNC Fine Engraving Process
LCD Display: Can display remaining battery capacity, current voltage, operation time

Package List:

1 x Tattoo Cartridge Grips Tubes

3 x Needle Bar (1 x 8.5cm, 1 x 9cm, 1 x 9.5cm)

1 x Large Rubber

1 x Small Rubber

1 x USB Charging Cable

How to use:
1. Install handle on tattoo machine, connect hook line, install the cartridge needle, and adjust length of the stroke. 2. Long press power button to turn on or off, and press power button to pause or restart after booting. 3. After booting, press the "+" or "‑" button to adjust voltage, voltage adjustment range is 4 to 12V, and adjustment accuracy is 0.1V. 4. If you want to adjust voltage quickly, can press and hold "+" or "‑" button until suitable voltage is reached. 5. Press and hold power button to shut down after use, remove the handle and needle.

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