Thermage Wrinkle beauty machine dot matrix skin care

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1. Safe non-surgical, non-invasive, non-anesthetic, non-injective, painless, no recovery period. 2. Quickly tighten and lift loose skin. 3. Lasting stimuli constantly regenerate collagen to rejuvenate the skin and maintain its effect for a long time. Main functions: firming skin and shrinking pores to modify facial contours, removing double chin to activate collagen cells, increasing skin elasticity and whitening and diminishing eye dark circles to eliminate neck wrinkles. Electromagnetic energy activates collagen contraction - builds, significantly removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. 2. Tighten loose skin and improve facial contours. 3. The thermal effect can improve the microcirculation, accelerate metabolism, keep the skin smooth, elastic and shiny. RF can improve the penetration of skin care products and promote the absorption of skin. Combined with a radio frequency beauty instrument and skin care products, it will bring better results: refreshing, beautifying and restoring skin vitality. 5. The infrared wavelength is 880 nm and is not visible to the eyes. It penetrates into deeper skin, produces heat, activates cells, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and maintains skin health and vitality. Tip: 1. If there is no operation after 10 minutes, the device will automatically turn off the power. 2. When the RF function is used, the user should touch the galvanized sidebar.
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