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Why does our product look more expensive than some vendors in the market? Take a look at the components we use inside the machine; it's truly genuine. Unlike other vendors who hesitate to even disclose the specifications or provide internal photos, we confidently showcase the high-quality components we use. They shy away because they use low-power, low-quality components to cut corners and compromise on quality.

Technical Parameters:
Laser Type: Q-switching Nd: YAG solid-state laser
Laser Output Wavelength: 1064nm / 532nm / 755nm / 532nm
Energy Density: 1-600mJ/cm2
Repeat Frequency: 10Hz
Cooling Method: Air cooling + water cooling
Operating Voltage: 110V or 220V 50-60Hz
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.
Power: 500W

Utilizes Q-switched laser to break down pigment in diseased tissue, employing the blasting principle.
Laser instantly emits high energy, penetrating the epidermis and breaking down pigment clusters, which are eventually eliminated from the body.

No bleeding; no need for anesthesia.
Colorful LCD display with automatic microcomputer counting.
Ruby chip for lifelong maintenance-free operation.
Large light pulse energy for complete elimination of various pigments.
Three-wavelength settings (532nm, 1064nm, 755nm) for versatile pigmentation removal.
Advanced cooling system for extended single working time.
Portable and easy to handle.

Scope of Application:
Efficient removal of various eyebrow tattoos, embroidered eyebrows, tattoos, eyeliner, and lip lines.
Specialized removal of red, blue, brown, and various colored tattoos.
Embark on a journey to flawless skin with our Laser Eyebrow Washing Machine, combining safety, technology, and innovation for unparalleled results.

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