Ultrasonic Welding Machines 1200W with Straight/Gun Type Handle Plastic Spot Welder Equipment Mash Welder Custom Welding Head

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Equipment Name: Ultrasonic Spot Welder
Equipment power: 1200W
Power form: Ultrasound
Frequency band: high frequency
Control method: manual
Drive form: manual
Welding width: 1-30mm
Thickness of the first welding layer: 2-3mm

Package list:
Machine: 1*welding machine+1*straight handle+1*welding head+accessories
Handle: 1*straight handle/1*gun-shaped handle
We can customize the welding head according to your needs, please leave a message if you need it.

1. Novel portable structure design, quick and convenient operation.
2. Handheld operation, flexible and practical, simple operation.
3. Fully automatic tracking system, no need to manually tune the frequency to automatically track the frequency.
4. Unique appearance design, all-steel shell, all-aluminum heat dissipation, thin-film panel, plastic spraying treatment.
5. Time setting, overload alarm, frequency deviation alarm, frequency current display LCD display at a glance.
6. Strong power, up to 1200W, continuous or pulse work, especially suitable for φ1-30mm melting point.
7. The ultra-foldable gray industrial-grade towline cable connection line is flexible and foldable.
8. Current alarm, frequency deviation alarm, can detect whether the transducer welding head is damaged.

Note: It can be equipped with gun shaped handle and customized with various irregular welding heads. Please contact me.

We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

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