Ultrasound Physiotherapy Massage Device 1MHz Intensity for Muscle & Joints Pain Relief No-Drug Ultrasonic Instrument Machine

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Note: The gel is a special cream item, requiring a specific shipping method. Therefore, we will send it separately in two parcels. Please be aware that the machine does not have a heating function. The working principle of the physiotherapy instrument is ultrasonic vibration, not heating. The heating observed is the effect of ultrasound on the skin, and its actual impact may vary from person to person.

Product Description:
Ultrasound therapy is a natural and environmentally friendly treatment with no side effects, no radiation, and is non-toxic. The ultrasound probe is applied to the body, and an ultrasound gel is used to transmit the ultrasound wave into the surrounding body parts.

Product Parameters:
- Product Name: Ultrasound Therapy Equipment
- Frequency: 1MHz
- Rated Voltage and Current: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
- Power: 25W
- Operating Mode: 3 touch buttons
- Display Screen: High Brightness Green LED light

Product Size:
- 240*240*110mm
- Unit Weight: 1.73kg

- Low, Medium, High

1. Large backlight LCD display screen
2. Equipped with a power switch
3. 1MHz frequency output, ensuring security and stability
4. Three-degree intensity levels: 1.7W, 3.5W, 5W; timer options for 10, 20, 30 minutes
5. Humanized safety design with anti-overheating and anti-over-current protection
6. Combines ultrasound, heat, and acupuncture for a 3-in-1 effect
7. Fashionable and smart appearance, conveying a sense of luxury
8. Easy to operate, with adjustable intensity and time settings.















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