Visible Spectrometer Wavelength 330-1020nm Spectrophotometer Tester Desktop Digital Display Photometer 110V/220V Model 721

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Name: Visible Spectrophotometer

Model: 721

Voltage: 110V / 220V
We will send the corresponding power plug and voltage according to your country.

Wavelength range: 330-1020nm

Wavelength accuracy: ±2nm

Wavelength repeatability: 1nm

Spectral bandwidth: 4nm

Transmittance accuracy: ±0.6%T

Repeatability of transmittance: 0.2%T

Stray light: ≤0.2%T @360m

Stability: ±0.002Ah@ 500nm

Drift: ≤0.2%T

Noise: ≤0.2%T

Transmittance display range: 0-200%T

Absorption rate display range: -1.999- +1.999A

Concentration display range: 0一1999C

Working method: T, A, C

Light source: imported tungsten lamp

Output mode: none

Software support: none

Package Included:

Visible Spectrophotometer * 1

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